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I was like, are you kidding me? Come on, how did you pick him? Ladies like ultra-charming men. Anyway it's too far of a drive to get to Pahrump. However there are tons of male escorts working solo and through private agencies in Vegas. Once had a roomie, a gorgeous model, who applied for one of the agencies to do couples. He said the split wasn't worth it and he could find plenty of clients on his own. Walk down the main Las Vegas Blvd and you'll be given plenty of pics of men working through agencies.

Personally I'd check out one of the many male strip shows; some allow couples. Ask a willing female, as most do private or one-on-one after the straight shows. I know as I've gotten a few of them to talk on the QT. And believe me, the majority are at least Bi. Other than that there are a ton of male escorts all over Vegas, and at private parties entertaining. Got any other questions about Vegas? I'm glad to share what I know. Oops, forgot. There are a ton of gay bars, and a new one downtown Vegas featuring bartender Trainies only.

See smart men wouldn't travel the distance to Pahrump, and it's way over-priced anyway, or so I'm told. Which are these? Which are the best ones? Can double check for you but I do recall there are some that admit couples. LOL at Chippendales, where no men are allowed for the actual show.

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Met some of them at a commercial audition. All but one, who was making out with his girlfriend and really putting on a show truly "pinged" even to non-observant me. Enquiring minds want to know, and I'm one of them. By the way there are also swing clubs in Vegas.

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Heard some good stories from bi male friends that used to go. We also know have a "sex museum" with lectures and demonstrations. Anything to get the tourist dollar. The modern gay brothel is the male strip club. Place like "Adonis" or "Club 20" in NY, where most of the guys are available for rent. Those bi-weekly Adonis emails are amazing; the pics of the men are stunning and the guy who writes the email cheerfully jokes that they are whores after your money. The largest strip clubs in Vegas, Sapphire's and Olympic Gardens, have male strippers weekends for "ladies' night.

Was told that some dancers will perform for men, some won't. My advice is to find a willing female to come along. The music, lighting and production values are far better, especially at Sapphire's, than for the strip shows at the casinos. Rather than the "Magic Mike" style, sorority girls from the Midwest appeal, these have fewer "boy band style" dance routines.

The individual performances are far more provocative and edgy. And the dancers make more money off of the drinks and what goes on "behind the curtain," or so I've been told.

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  • Any other questions? Davida, I heard that one of the sex clubs is mostly trans women. I wanted to go the last time I was in Vegas, but ended up trying Eagle lame and that car themed place which was pretty good. However, there was only one bookstore with gloryholes that I found and the doors were up to the waist so there was no privacy.

    Italian in his 40's. I met him on vacation a few years ago and haven't seen him at any of the casinos.

    The only true legal gay brothel that I have ever heard of was is? It was a hidden upstairs bar away from the gay areas though. I walked in and there were about 5 guys at the bar in undies watching TV, texting etc. One customer was chatting up one of the guys. I sat down in the lounge part and ordered a drink and each of the guys came over and made a sort of soft pitch to see what I wanted. I was hoping that the place would be full of customers, so I could just order a beer and watch, but I became the sole focus, so it was quite uncomfortable.

    The guys were all cute, Eastern European mostly, I think it was very expensive, like Euros, So I had 2 beers and backed out. One of the guys followed me out and told me to meet him later. I'm guessing for a cheaper rate without the house cut Never followed up. Similarly in Amsterdam, They did try for a while having men in the red district for sale like the women, but under some kind of wierd whore rules, they have to charge in 15 minute increments and women customers complained that it takes way longer than 15 minute increments to get them going, so eventually they stopped.

    R14, Not up on everything. My 3 friends went to a gay brothel in South Africa about 10 years ago. Not sure if it is still in business. The third left due to the lack of any more hot guys to buy. Since prostitution is only legal in 1 county in Nevada, there would not be any legal gay brothels outside of that county.

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    Plenty of gay bars that have guys for sale, but those are not brothels, just sleazy bars. I'm not being political R24, but there was a guy who was a well known gay porn star on DL once. He said he would answer any questions only on one condition, do not ask who he is. He said he was an escort on the side as well.