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Male Mail: What are guys G0YS saying about this site? I read your post and took a look at the website you listed and I can actually say for the first time that I feel like I have a place bro. Thank you for the post I now know where I fit and that my feelings are normal and pure I connected with everything on the list And also the physical display of compassion and love for one another in a brotherly sense That week, I stumbled across the G0Ys.

I found the arguments well reasoned, the testimonials realistic and empathic, and the convincing medical science matching what I knew about Leviticus and hygiene laws. I realized I wasn't alone and maybe G-d wasn't as cruel as I had first thought. I had an epiphany as sixteen years of regret came crashing down. This definition is definitely the missing link!!!!!

A lot has been discussed about gays, soul mates, brothers, etc etc , but the definition of a guy, wanting to have a close friendship with another guy, and yet not to be stamped as gay, because that has always had some sort of a trans- sexual tendency, is now clear!

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I read a few posts and I am so relieved to know this is NOT a gay site. Yes, WAY too much pressure and left feeling "labled or trapped" by that term. This moment has taken such a weight off my shoulders. I had a buddy once many, many years ago and it was truly the best male-bonding type of friendship that I felt could never be duplicated. Now I find, joyfully, that I could have been wrong. It's such a profound thought, you know, that men can love men without having to disgrace themselves, their masculinity OR their spirituality.

I gotta tell you, it's somewhat like being reborn, you know? Also can't thank you enough for your activism on behalf of guys everywhere tired of being labeled gay for loving other guys. Just found the g0y movement recently and was I ever relieved!

I hate the gAy lifestyle, attitudes and stereotypes and do not want to be associated with any of that As a masculine Christian guy I am excited that there is something m2m that makes sense morally and spiritually and feels totally right For the past few years, I've had an attraction to guys in wanting to find one as a real brother I can love on all levels. But they guys Im into are guys like me, who like their sports, red meet, beer ect, not prancing queens. I am God fearing myself but am put off by how people twist their beloved bibles into whatever makes them feel better, and also by the gay community which I find gross and surface level.

I didn't know what to make of myself. Now I do: I am g0y. Someone told me about this site on Friday and I've spent the whole weekend on it - I completely had an epiphany. I feel like my salvation depended on me finding this site. Again thank you, you've gotta write a book man!!!!!!!! Thanks to my new buddy for introducing me to this site. I live in Zimbabwe What an amazing discovery for me. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your site.

I am in my early forties and have always been attracted to men; women have never done it for me. My attempts to meet other men have always been failures. I tried the bar scene when I was younger. The majority of the guys were too feminine acting for my taste if I wanted someone feminine I would be attracted to women I reasoned.

I 'never fit in'. If I did strike up a conversation with someone, it always led to the inevitable question 'top or bottom'? How I hated that question. Every Sunday in church I used to just read the bible, kinda to pass the time. But the one chapter I read most frequently was Romans 1. Each time I read it, I thought," Here it is, right from the bible's mouth, condemning my existence! But then I found the main g0ys website and the theology completely did it for me. Eternally grateful for finding the site that made it clear that I, myself, am not the abomination; -Just the act of anal sex. I heard about the g0y movement right on time.

I am elated to see this group show up on facebook! We are getting somewhere!

Two years ago, in my early twenties and before, I was an evil legalistic and religious bigot suffering in extreme self-denial of same-sex desire, but about a year ago, the self-denial began to collapse. I sought a place in gay Christian culture, yet as blind as I was, I still couldn't reconcile their theology with logic. I had come across g0ys. Eventually, I read through the content. I didn't understand the theology articles, for I was blind at the time, but the idea that I could experience physical, emotional, and sexual fulfillment together with another guywithout anal penetrationstuck, and that piece of knowledge led to the whole dam failing.

Now, a year later, I truly know Christ Jesus and am content and even thankful to have same-sex desire Kinsey 5 , despite the foolishness of my church, so thank you for spreading the truth about same-sex desire. I hope that your message will reach many more guys who are like I was and lead to God changing their hearts for good. What God gave you to write helped me, so I'm giving you what God gave me to write in hopes that you might find it useful. I am not alone. I realize that I am not alone, and I am not an aberration. I could have saved myself a tremendous amount of heartache, despair, and self-destructive behavior; Ah well, nothing I can do about the past.

Let's talk it up! How do we meet? You folks who are spear-heading this movement cannot possibly understand how grateful many of us are. This may sound trite, cheezy, or just plain difficult to believe, but you are changing lives.

You've help change mine, and I will be eternally grateful. I come from a somewhat religious family comprised of many different religious beliefs although I myself am not religious. BUT the examples of original scriptures prior to translation loses Damn good feeling! I'm sure you've heard it times before but thanks! I read your entire website and I can't describe the feelings that rushed through my mind and body. As several of the comments there mentioned, you hit the nail on the head. Then I read the stories I was I am a very masculine, great shape kind of guy I've had these feelings you describe for years but have not had the balls to let them out.

What I'd give to find a buddy close to me that felt the same way! How do I find guys near me that share these feelings without blowing "my cover"? Thanks again, - Dave Years of religious torture, self denial, self torture, counseling, prayer, fasting, crying, weeping, sobbing before God and the compulsory exorcism - until I totally broke down before God to say "Father, this is me. Please accept me as I am. For the 1st time my turmoil was gone and I was free of the torture. Not long after that I discovered g0ys. Truly a God-sent. A bit more touch, a bit more feelings, a bit more bonding, more friendship, I notch it up at every reasonable opportunity and it just keeps growing.

Even at home, the conversation reflects a new level of male intimacy in my life.

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Certain parts I share with my wife - the appreciation of masculinity and positive male role models. Certain parts I do not. Overall, I feel more love than I ever did. Romantic love. Loving friends. A loving attitude. Haven't known that such "g0ys" are in the world, even that I feel always that kind of love to the guys.

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Thank you for let me know about this. Take care. I found a link to g0ys. I am so grateful to the guy in LA who told his story and led me to that site. This is what I have been wanting for so long. I have tried being str8 and that didn't work well I was married for 8 yrs I have tried being gay What I want is what I read about on the website I like men who are men, but I have no desire to make them my phuck buddy I read your ad and explored the g0ys web site.

Man, finally, somebody "hit it right on the head. While I absolutely no interest in anal sex the thought of it upsets my stomach , I has always harbored a great desire to touch, cuddle, massage another guy who happens to have a super body with silky, soft skin. You obviously get the picture. Buddy, thanks for leading me to your site. Thanks once again I have printed out every g0y story and have been reading at least one a day.

I am so there. The only question is, do you ever hear from older men that are just now finding their place? Most of the stories are of young hotties in school.