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Romania , , Cluj.

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Romania , , arges. Romania , Alabama , Bucharest. Love oral, versatile, open to more if safe. Boghyyy Age: Romania , Alabama , constanta.

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Romania , , bucharest. AdiPavel Age: Romania , , Brasov. Florianbwl Age: Romania , , Cluj-Napoca.

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TDConnection Age: Romania , Alabama , Ploiesti. Nero Age: Hope this helps. Email me if you want more detailed information about other aspects: I have just returned from Bucharest and Brasov today as a gay traveller. Romania was fantastic but do not expect a gay scene but there are good general clubs. This is the summary:. Queens Club is not open - closed for rennovation Purple Club is not open - closed for rennovation. As for Queens we read it was closed and could not place the street on the map - we were given 2 addresses Mihai Bravu 32 and Iuliu Barasch R Do not even bother going to Bucharest , gay or straight, the place is an absolute dump.

Nothing whatsoever worth seeing. This is not true at all. The Romanians are not open minded. They are very religious and absurdly conservative. You should be careful how you act and beware: Gay life in the strict sense of the word is NOT specific for Bucharest. Plus take into account the gayborhood in this city is spread out over a big downtown area so you won't opt for hanging around with people from bar to bar feeling at ease.

It's very stressful since the streets are full of weirdos with funny looks ready to punch you if you hold your BF hand.

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Gay bars are, more than that, places where kids and young fancy people with money come to show up how affluent they are. I agree inyoyrpocket givs some info but it is absurdly opinionated and anti Romanian in essence. The guys working there I believe the boss is one Craig Turp or Turd have express orders for that magazine to actually make a mockery whenever possible. They are paid money for that. Will end by saying they write against prostitution and how "illegal" it is in Romania and then the exact same magazine in other cities advertises for escort services and that is in countries where it is as illegal.

I would not really use that magazine for reference. On the other hand we are not disputing your expertise after having lived here. Most of them believe this is a curse. It is beyond them to figure out how a man would prefer another man's rear and call it love. However I disagree when you say Romanians are absurdly religious. This is your perception. Not more religious that you own Catholic Spain where people are as conservative if not even worse.

Romanians are not afraid to tell you what they really think about being gay whereas in Western Europe it is now politically correct to say yes to this.

What people in the West really think, well, that is something else. Romanians are not as religious as you perceive: You are right about gay life in Bucharest. Of course if we are reffering to people that had gay life since they know about it it's different.

This religious crap is deeply embedded in the school system, sadly. I went through that as well. Said I was bi because if I still liked girls then at least some people would think I was kind of normal. A church is why I went back into the closet in my 20s. I unfortunately married a woman and about 6 years later came back out of the closet left the church a year or two before that. Last relationship has been with a woman: When I was with my ex-girlfriend I told a guy at work who had a crush on me that I was involved…with another man.

I and the man I love have been trying to be together for 7 years. We have been stopped every opportunity we have tried. Life in Romania is not friendly towards us granted but trying to get a visa for him to come to the US has not worked.

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The reason, he cannot prove that he will return to Romania. With all of this negative back lash we are still committed to one another. I currently live in london and i have a romanian bf. He would always tell me what if someone disapproves and might hurt us and he just doesnt want to put us in an unsafe situation.

Nevertheless, I still get grumpy at him lol. But reading this made it all clearer.

I have been chatting with a Romanian guy for a while and I am finally going to see him. I have booked a double room in a hotel double bed and am just wondering what kind of reaction we will get when we arrive at the hotel when they see me, somewhat older than him checking in together. It would not bother me in the least in the rest of Europe, but one hears stories of anti gay feeling , hope we have no problems. I always get beat when I pass street, they laugh and throw rock, not good people They once catch me alone and almost beated me to close death.

There are not street gangs in Romania and the police will came fast if someone is beaten on the street. You weare pink and a board with: Or you hit on a straight guy and then he beat you , that is possible. In conclusion romanian are not very tolerable with LGBT but we are not beating people for that. We have never seen each other in person only telephone calls and Skype. Hoping for that to change, I will be traveling to Romania from the U. It has been a very difficult year but rewarding none the less. My boyfriend has a very tragic coming out story and has been through a lot this past year.

It is not easy to be gay specially coming from the Romanian countryside. Thanks for your posts and looking forward to reading more. Interesting insight.

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Painful, too, I think. But, times they are a changing — even in Romania. How sad and yet encouraging that this young man could explain his life to you openly. I hope families will continue to accept and embrace the realization that sons and daughters should be able to live their lives openly and not be fearful of being beaten.

Seems as though it is not too different from most places in the attitudes. Generally younger people are more accepting and it is less of a problem in bigger cities. It just breaks my heart for the people who have been completely ostracized by their family, and the ones who live in fear of their family finding out. It does sound like progress is being made for gays in Romania, though there still is a long road to trod. A VERY long road. Some of the changes were forced on them in order to join the EU, but change is change sometimes. I have always assumed that Eastern Europe is less friendly to gays just because Eastern Europeans historically have a well-earned reputation for antipathy and intolerance to every minority group—Jews, Roma, people of color, immigrants—you name it.

Very true. That region is not well known for its tolerance. Although Czech is a lot better than its neighbors when it comes to that now. I think you mean when Yugoslavia broke up in the s. Your email address will not be published.

The life of gay people in Romania. Posted By Talon Windwalker in Interviews , Romania 30 comments In our last interview about the life of gay people in Romania, we interviewed someone who lives in a smaller city in Romania. At what point did you realize you were gay, and did it take you a while to accept it? Are you able to be out with your family members? What are your thoughts about the life of gay people in Romania?